SPF: 40% Increase In Revenue

By Executing Strategic Initiatives Developed in Our Brand Consultation

Brand Strengthening for Strategic Scaling

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The Challenge

Sex Positive Families (SPF), who provides parents with access to inclusive, science-based sexual health education, had organically developed an amazing brand presence but did not know what to do next with their success. Without clear direction, resources were being spread too thin across unfocused campaigns and disparate target audiences.

The Solution

SPF lacked the brand core that guides organizational direction. Through a series of workshops, we developed their brand essentials (purpose, vision, and mission) then identified long-term goals. Out of these discoveries, brand-aligned initiatives that would scale the business emerged. SPF needed to develop impactful products designed for mass distribution.

The Result

With this understanding, SPF prioritized efforts and invested resources into the projects that would grow the business towards their long-term goals. Two years later, the initiatives identified in our consultation, a best-selling book and two popular online courses, have increase SPF’s revenue by 40%.

"Working with Integrate Studios allowed our company to get clearer about our vision, mission, ideal client, and project goals. They asked the right questions that helped us to hone in on the best products to pursue."
Melissa Pintor Carnagey
Founder of SPF

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